Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The CZ Life

I thought a good way to begin my blog is to give a short history of my life….a sort of everything up until now.  I don’t think it will be very long because, well let’s face it…I’m slightly boring and I know no one will read this if it is too wordy.  Who’s got time for that.

So, I was born June 21 19...(mumble…mumble…mumle) to two amazing parents.  Dad was still going to school and they already had one adorable little girl who continued to act like an only child for at least the first year and a half of my life.  She thought I was like a mild cold…ignore it long enough and it usually just goes away.

But I didn’t go away and we were joined soon by my sole brother.  We lived in Logan/Providence area….I was young, obviously, and remember little more than a short incident involving a cat, a mailbox and an early less on that the former doesn’t like to be trapped in the later.

We moved to Grace Idaho where Dad had a lovely job at the high school.  I have fond memories of Grace.  A few close friends and what I like to consider an early cause of my chronic distrust of boys.  My best friend through the first couple years of grade school…let’s call him Timmy…was a swell kid and we played a lot together.  When I learned we would be moving I solemnly approached him and shared my sad news…his response was a blank look and a “Oh”.

Thatcher Utah became my home and I we had been joined by two more lovely little girls.  I survived elementary school and learned many things growing up on the farm.  Things like…how to turn a tight corner with the hay wagon, how to spot a rock the size of a golf ball from 300 feet, and how fun it can be to startle cows while they are standing on slick manure….ah, the good times.  Oh, and the youngest little girl entered our family, too.

Middle school and high school were…endured…thanks to the patience of friends and family as I grew through my “emotional phase”.  Promptly at graduation I moved to Logan to get a job before starting school at Utah State.  Well, I couldn’t find a job for a good 6 months…well, I found jobs but they were HORRIBLE.  Finally after applying 3 times, I was hired to shelve books.  Which was a great job with great people.

Somehow I ended up a Bachelors’ degree in Finance and the ‘library’ bug.  Don’t know how it happened…but I was off to earn a masters’ degree in Library Science at the University of Washington.  Living in Seattle was really great.  I lived with and met some amazing people who I am grateful to remain close with.

And then I got my job at the Library and here I am.  Okay, so that kinda skips over the last 10 years.  I’ve had several jobs at the Library and now have a really super position working with the best staff a girl could ask for. 

Well, I’m sure that’s more than anyone wants to know…but I thought it was a good way to begin this little blog.  Hopefully, more interesting stuff is to come.