Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kids are so cute....

My nephew, Jonathan, was at my house on Saturday and we had this conversation.

Jonathan: Aunt Carla, where are your kids?
Carla: I don’t have any kids.
Jonathan: Then why do you have toys?
Carla: Those toys are for you when you come to visit me.
Jonathan: Well, where is your husband?
Carla: I’m not married, Jonathan.
Jonathan: But where is he?
Carla: I don’t know…but maybe if we both start looking really hard for him, we can find him?
Jonathan: (looking really confused) But why aren’t you married?
Carla: Sometimes some people just aren’t married. (added under my breath) You aren’t married either….stop being so judgmental!

Isn’t he a charmer? He really is. Most of the older nieces and nephews have had this conversation with me. I guess I should just be glad they wonder why I’m not married….it would be worse if they just came up, pointed at my face or thighs and said “You should get that fixed.”

Why I don't go to dances...

I know, I know….I don’t blog enough…and this time I’m not even going to pretend I intend to do better. But, the reason I haven’t blogged recently is that I have been too busy attempting to be more social (this isn’t really true…I haven’t blogged because I’m lazy). A good friend convinced me a few weeks ago that I need to start dating more and that the key to making that happen is “Exposure, exposure, exposure”.

Now, her words could be taken in a couple different ways….I’ve decided to interpret them as instructions to get out into society more and not to wear more revealing clothes. Rest assured…if the first doesn’t work….I may resort to the later.

So, a couple weekends ago there was a singles (31-45) conference in Lehi. I had to work during the day, but I committed myself to going to the dance on Saturday night. I will never forget the experience.

First off, we were carded. Had to prove we were in the right age range.

Then, they played a whole bunch of that new fangled hip-hop music J. I don’t really mind hip-hop (it does remind me of how terrible I was in my community education hip-hop class….but whatever). My complaint was that here we are….older singles and they didn’t play many of the “stake dance” songs I have such fond memories of...just seems like it would have been a good idea.

The really great part of the evening was when they turned all the lights on and made all the men stand in a big circle with all the women inside that circle in a circle of their own. What followed was basically speed dating for a 10-15 minutes. It wasn’t so bad…whatever…but then they made us do the hokey pokey.

Yes, you read right….standing there, facing each other, we (a group of desperate 31-45 year olds who want nothing more than to maintain their self-respect in a difficult situation) were asked to put our “rear ends in, out, and shake them all about”.

So, each of us was faced with a decision….you are either a bad sport and refuse to do it….or you are an idiot for actually doing it.

I have promised myself not to let this experience keep me from continued efforts to get out there and meet people….so no worries…but really!

My pleas goes out:
· Please don’t TRY to humiliate the poor singles in the world!
· And please recognize the RULE that no one should have to do the hokey pokey without a child under the age of 12 or roller skates present….it’s just not cool!