Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kids are so cute....

My nephew, Jonathan, was at my house on Saturday and we had this conversation.

Jonathan: Aunt Carla, where are your kids?
Carla: I don’t have any kids.
Jonathan: Then why do you have toys?
Carla: Those toys are for you when you come to visit me.
Jonathan: Well, where is your husband?
Carla: I’m not married, Jonathan.
Jonathan: But where is he?
Carla: I don’t know…but maybe if we both start looking really hard for him, we can find him?
Jonathan: (looking really confused) But why aren’t you married?
Carla: Sometimes some people just aren’t married. (added under my breath) You aren’t married either….stop being so judgmental!

Isn’t he a charmer? He really is. Most of the older nieces and nephews have had this conversation with me. I guess I should just be glad they wonder why I’m not married….it would be worse if they just came up, pointed at my face or thighs and said “You should get that fixed.”


Jeff said...

I know how you feel. I was asked that same question by thousands and thousands when I was single. Don't worry, it never ends, the moment you get married the question just changes to "why don't you have any kids?"

Marla said...

i had a similar situation with my little five year old nephew jacob.
he says to me, why do you live alone? you need to get married. just go find a boy.

he makes it sound so easy!

Dave and Mel said...

Carla you crack my up. I can't wait to see you!!!!

Breanne said...

Ahhhh. They're so innocent...

A few years ago my sister got pregnant and when she started "showing" she had a little pooch on her abdomen. She was showing me and her kid looked back and forth between us for a minute and was then like, "Breanne, are you pregnant, too??"

No... just fat.

Stacey said...

Ah, I love children, too. Especially when they tell you about your mustache or arm hair.