Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Got a Tip!!

So, this afternoon an older gentleman came into the library and asked for some help with the microfilm. He wanted to access the Daily Herald in 1953. Being the excellent & helpful librarian that I am, I showed him our online index of the Daily Herald and looked his name up that way. SO CUTE!!! He had several articles listed. One was his daughter's wedding announcement and another was about his stellar performance in a high school basketball game. He had me print out all 5 articles he had appeared in from 1950 to 1977.

Anyway, he didn't find what he wanted, so we headed to the microfilm readers and I got him all set up. He found a few pages that I helped him scan and print and then he let me know he was finished. I put everything away and counted up his prints and told him the total was $.90. He opened his little wallet, pulled out a $5 and said, "Thanks for your help. Keep the change." Then headed for the elevator.

How sweet, eh? He gave me a 555% tip! I totally should have been a waitress. Of course, I had to ring the whole amount into the cash register (how do you spell til? or till?). But I suppose the Library should be rewarded for the good sense it has shown in employing me for the past 11 years.

(I feel that to be completely honest in this post I should admit that last week I got in a big fight with one of my patrons after he told me to "use the gray matter between my ears". He definitely didn't leave me a tip....he left me a little steamed. Win a few, lose a few....)


marlamuppets said...

ha ha ha!!!
that is classic!!

and the other dude -- the gray matter dude -- he should go suck an egg.
and NOT a chocolate easter candy kind of egg.

Jeff said...

Congratulations on the excellent tip. I want to hear about the fight you had with the other guy. That sounds like a good story.

Mary Ann said...

Wow. You would totally make a great waitress. No one has ever tried to tip me. I'm probably not nearly as helpful as you are. :)

Emily said...

I love your library stories. :)

Breanne said...

I meant to tell you at the staff meeting - that guy who yelled at you came up to me the next day to tell me goodnight with a big smile and was way polite. I was like - what?! Some people give me emotional whiplash.