Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kicking Me While I'm Down...

This is not a "pity me" blog...just in case you were wondering.

However, I had a rough week...and by rough I mean frustrating in a way that will entertain others. I was kind of totally dogged this week by a guy I kinda liked. Nothing big or anything, but it's sad to learn that a hope you had has dried up like the last leaves of autumn and crumbled into nothing but dust...dust that then is blown by the winds of disillusionment and then gets lodged under your contacts and hurts like....well, it hurts.

Anyway, so I was feeling a little down and wouldn't you know it, but the sketchy residents of Provo came to make me feel better. First there was the tattooed, weird facial hair guy that smelled like smoke who asked me to look up his library card number. As I did my little look-up thing, he observed "You don't have a ring on."

"No, I don't." I politely acknowledged.

"Well, does that mean you are available?"

"No," I asserted. "It surely doesn't."

The third depressing "guy" related experience this week found me again at the reference desk. Minding my own business when I noticed that two men (both, I swear in their late 40's) were pointing and giggling like two high school girls. The one I have talked to before (he informed me that when I worked in the old library (10 years ago) they (I have no idea who "they" is) used to call me 'sleepy eyes'....I's that looking tired thing again). Anyway, I just had a bad feeling about the way they were acting, so I got up from the desk to run a few errands hoping to avoid any awkward confrontations.

Well, I was too slow. The guy I didn't know, we'll call him "the friend", says "Hey, ma'am."


"What's your name?"


"Well, my friend," he looked around for his friend who had disappeared someplace. "He's a little skittish....well, he just thinks you're real pretty."

"Um...thanks? That's very nice of him."

"He just thinks you have the nicest eyes."

Again...since I've never really found a good way to say what I was actually feeling which was "The words you are saying are things I would like to hear...but the fact that they are coming from you makes them really depressing." I simply said "That's very nice."

And I made my little escape.

Later I learned that they met up again a few minutes later and the "friend" told his friend that he had "told me I was pretty for him." And...better yet...that I had thought that was really sweet.


Well, my question is....WHY!!!!???? Why do guys I like run away from me like I'm a leprous one eared freak....when really weird guys feel free to hit on me. Someone explain!!


glarcy said...

Carla... I feel your pain. I think the only reason I don't feel it more often is that I don't work at a public reference desk. Seriously, who could survive sitting out there in the public for all the weirdies to come and say insensitive things to. I'm also sorry that I didn;t ask you about your week and was totally clueless how crappy it was. I'm a bad friend!

Emily said...

And this is one of the many reasons why we are friends. Uggh. Sorry about your crappy week. I hope this one is better. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

marlamuppets said...

i'll tell you why --- i have a theory...

i'll tell you sometime.

also, the lady at target told me to not worry that i wasn't married and that it was a bold move...
and i was like a) i didn't bring up this to you and b) thanks for the advice that came out of the blue and c) i'm going home now


Mary Ann said...

No, I can't explain it. Guys are FREAKS!! I'm sorry that I contributed to your getting your hopes up on guy #1. But this year is your year! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Michaelynn said...

Oh, CZ. How awful! Just think of all the great character you're building though. Isn't that wonderful?