Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm On Vacation!!! (and almost rested enough to enjoy it)

I just arrived today in…well, not rainy…but cloudy Seattle and I’m just excited to be here!

As I prepared to leave this week, I found myself trying to put in as many hours as possible in order to limit how much actual time off I would have to take. I know that doesn’t sound especially crazy, but I’ve decided it actually is.

You see, I have plenty of vacation hours. Why then, do I feel a compulsive drive to kill myself working long hours so that when my vacation actually comes I spend the first day just recovering from staying up too late and getting up too early to actually keep functioning? That is just insane!!

It’s like when you start building up a savings account and then, even though you have lived with less money saved up in the bank….it is just torture to deplete that stockpile. If that analogy doesn’t connect with you…how about when you have your favorite treat or dessert and you put off actually eating….saving it for the perfect moment….and then you go to eat it and it has gone bad. (Olloliberry Pies come to mind….)

Anyway, my point is just that I really struggle using up scarce resources even though they are actually a bit abundant…..but what if I need more at some time in the future???


Mary Ann said...

Yeah, I agree that you're a bit crazy to work so hard before a vacation. But I love my crazy Carla! Have fun in Seattle!

Emily said...

You work too much. You need to strive for mediocrity like I do. :) Have fun on your trip!

Jeff said...

I have some of that problem too. This morning I got up and sang about how excited that I was that I didn't have to go to work today. Then I sat down at my laptop and remoted in to work. Robyn was offended that I was working when I didn't have to. I told her that point wasn't to not work, just to not have to work.