Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Favorite Sign in the Whole World

I've seen a sign like this before, but I still get a kick out of it whenever I see a new one. This one is located on my route home from work and it always makes me smile and feel just a little better about myself.
I kinda wish I could hang one around my neck, but I don't think anyone else would get it. I think it's the word "Gorgeous"...not pretty or special or beautiful...."I'm Gorgeous Inside!"

Aren't we all?


glarcy said...

i don't know... I think if I saw my insides I wouldn't necessarily describe them as 'gorgeous'... but go you for having that kind of self esteem :)

Mary Ann said...

You're totally gorgeous inside and out, and I don't care if you don't believe me. I know it's true!