Sunday, December 5, 2010

Book Reviews...I'm Way Behind!!

So, I haven't kept up on this, so I thought I'd catch up tonight. I haven't LOVED anything recently...but I've read some good stuff and some dumb stuff. More complete reviews at:

Blind Descent by James Tabor
If you don't have claustrophobia before reading will after.

Defending Angels by Mary Stanton
Silly supernatural mystery waste of my time.

Cookbook Collector by Allegra Goodman
Not squeaky clean, but I really liked it and would recommend it.

I'd Know You Anywhere by Laura Lippman
Seriously fascinating novel about a girl kidnapped by a serial killer.

Roses by Leila Meacham
Not bad but its plot was a little too much like a soap opera for me.

Thin, Rich, and Pretty by Beth Harbison
Kinda annoying and really pointless.

Earth (the book) by Jon Stewart
He's funny...inappropriate, but funny.

Maybe This Time by Jennifer Cruise
I really loved this quick little piece of chick lit.

A Secret Kept by Tatiana De Rosnay
Not nearly as good as her 'Sarah's Key' that I read last year.

Proofiness by Charles Seife
This book convinced if I wasn't convinced already...that statistics presented by politicians, reporters, and corporations are all complete crap.

Women, Food, and God by Geneen Roth
Some parts presented interesting insight into addictive behavior..but the rest was too much like the last yoga class I attended...I have no idea what it means to "center yourself in your core."

Rich Boy by Sharon Pomerantz
I didn't like this book...almost as much as I really didn't like the protagonist. I haven't wanted to reach into a novel and strangle a character so much in a long time.

Naked Heat by Richard Castle
A novel spin-off from the ABCs Castle...not great literature...but it's fun anyway.

Great House by Nicole Krauss
Huge disappointment. I loved "A History of Love" and this was just great writing with a really lame story.

Sisters from Hardscrabble Bay by Beverly Jensen
Just strange...and depressing.

Colorado Kid by Stephen King
Strange story, but a great taste of King's amazing writing without the gore or freakiness.

Lock Artist by Steve Hamilton
This was a great psychological thriller...well not thriller, thriller....but it was still a page-turner.

Oh, No She Didn't by Clinton Kelly
100 fashion faux pas..only a few of which made me start freaking out...he tried to convince me to throw away my hoodies...I still believe they are appropriate sometimes. It's cold and they are comfy!!

I'll Mature When I'm Dead by Dave Barry
He's still funny!

The Distant Hours by Kate Morton
Really not as good as 'The Forgotten Garden', but I liked it.

The Girl Who Fell From the Sky by Heidi Durrow
Short book that really stuck in my head. Terribly well written.

The Wave by Susan Casey
Tow surfing sounds like the scariest thing ever....I'll stick to boogie boarding.

The Disappearing Spoon by Sam Kean
Science is crazy...scientists are crazier!!

At Home by Bill Bryson
Bryson is always brilliant. He's the king of the tangents and I love him for it!

The Hand that First Held Mine by Maggie O'Farrell
A surprisingly tender tribute to motherhood.

Okay...that's it! I'm too tired to add cover art...I doubt anyone will actually read all this anyway :)


marlamuppets said...

LOVE your book reviews! i know i can always find something fascinating to read from it!!

Emily said...

I seriously don't know how you read this many books AND keep up on your TV're my hero. :) And thanks for always supplying me with recommendations for my book club.

Mary Ann said...

You are seriously the most productive person I know! I agree with Emily that you are amazing to be able to read so many books and still watch all your shows--not to mention all the cooking and sewing and working and everything else you do. Wow. I feel exhausted. I might end up reading 1 or 2 books from this list one of these years...