Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's True!! I Moved!!!

So....I haven't blogged in a while. But, I've been in the middle of relocating and it's been very exciting and very busy as well. I've been in the new place for a couple weeks now and to the casual observer, things are put together....I know where I cheated and still need to organize.

Anyway, I sold my condo over Christmas and found a new place at the first of the year. It took a month or so to get the financing and everything in place, but mid-Februay I was able to move in. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to all the many generous people who have helped me move...twice...and made everything so much easier than it could have been.

So, with that...here are a few pictures of my new home!!

Here is the front...it was nighttime when I took the picture, so it seems a little dark. It's brighter in the daytime :)

My favorite room in the house...the kitchen. It is big and open and I stood in it with 4 other people this weekend and didn't run out screaming or eject anyone violently. In short...I LOVE it!

The dining room is great, too. Last weekend we had 12 people around the table chatting. In the condo....it felt crowded with 2 people :) Love it!

Here is the living room with my new couches. You can't see it, but I'm waving at you in the mirror.

The Den/music room/library. I have already curled up on the chair to read. Very fun and cozy.

The guest bathroom....now I'm wondering why I included this picture. But, whatever. I love that it is so big and I can't wait to let you use it!

This is the guest bedroom. It's a bit of a work in progress...still not sure where I am going to hang some of the pictures. I didn't include a picture of the HUGE closet in this room. It's amazing. (Then again...look what I came from. The condo barely had a closet big enough for my vacuum.)

Here's my bedroom. I sleep here and it's great.

This is the HUGE closet in the master bedroom. Seriously, one of my favorite features of the house. It's connected to the master bath...which I didn't take a picture of. But there is a very big shower and a very nice long bathtub that I already love.

The house has an unfinished basement. Obviously, this is where I have shoved everything I don't want to deal with. The room down here is really big and I hope I can finish it in a couple of years.

But, no worries....I'm still using the space. I exercise back in the unfinished bedrooms. It's nice and cool which has worked out really well so far.

Well, that's it. There's lots more to see, but you'll have to come visit me to see it, and I hope you will. I am just a mile south of where I was before. Still conveniently close to the freeway. I don't think I mentioned, but it's a twin home and shares one wall in the garage with the neighbors. I really do love it and the garage has been super amazing. Everything I thought it would be!


Mary Ann said...

I love your house! I'm super jealous of your garage, basement, and coat closet. Keep those doors and windows locked!!!

Dixon said...

You house looks beautiful. I can see why you love it. Looking forward to your visit next month.

David and Shayla said...

Katie and Sarah are ooooing and ahhhing, we can't wait to come and make a mess in your beautiful home!