Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Books I Didn't Review at Work

So I usually just steal my work book reviews and post them here....'cause I'm lazy. But sometimes I read something another librarian already reviewed and then I just don't get around to reviewing them here. But, here is a little make up. These will certainly be shorter than the others....I'm tired!

No Apology by Mitt Romney
I listened to this and actually liked it. It was interesting to hear what Romney's beliefs are. I'm not as politically minded as I should be, but listening to this let me feel a bit more informed.

Witches of East End by Melissa De la Cruz
This is a YA author who wrote this book for an adult audience. I believe it ties into her YA series, Blue Bloods which is about rich vampires in New York. The Witches of East End is about a mother and her two daughters, all witches, and all trying to live without using their magic. They fail miserably.

I'll be honest....I didn't love this book. I don't really recommend it.

Bloodmoney by David Ignatius
I've been on a 'spy n
ovel' binge for the past few months and I'll admit they are all getting a bit mixed up in my head. This one is about an undercover operation going horribly wrong and the subsequent investigation that puts even more lives in danger. The investigation is led by Sophie, a young agent with a few serious grudges. That's about all I remember about the plot, but I remember really lik
ing it. It's a little gritty and violent, but really well written and great if you are looking for a suspenseful read.

Very Valentine by Adriana Trigiani
Valentine is an apprentice shoe maker in her grandmother's wedding shoe boutique in New York City. In this chic lit/fashionista novel she searches for love and professional success. At first I really loved it...and then she just wouldn't shut up! Seriously....she goes on and on and on about her frustrations and family troubles and work issues...etc. etc. etc. Made me want to scream at her...

Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen
Two sisters are reunited after one ran away from home soon after graduation. It's been years and she returns with a daughter in tow and an angry ex on her trail. She reluctantly returns home where her sister has a catering business which uses the family's enchanted garden to prepare food that alters the eaters feelings. Not bad. I liked her new book The Peach Keeper a lot better.

Before I Go to Sleep by S.J. Walton (this is my review from
the Daily Herald)
Imagine waking each morning unable to remember the last 20 years of your life. You are lying next to a man claiming to be your husband and in the mirror you find wrinkles, scars and gray hairs you don’t remember acquiring. Sounds a bit like the movie “50 First Dates,” but “Before I Go to Sleep” by S. J. Watson is no comedy.

One morning, when Christine awakes and attempts to orient herself to her unfamiliar life, she discovers a journal she has been keeping. This journal chronicles discoveries she has made over the past few weeks about her history, the incident that caused her amnesia, and a terrifying list of the lies she is told anew each day.

I cannot help but compare this brilliant book to the classic thriller starring Audrey Hepburn , “Wait Until Dark.” The suspense creeps up on you, grips you by the throat, and drags you down a path you are sure cannot end well. The reader senses the danger and knows that the heroine is blind to what is lurking in the dark corners of her mind.

“Before I Go to Sleep” is a carefully crafted psychological thriller that is certain to linger in your mind long after that final page is turned.

Saving CeeCee Honeycutt by Beth Hoffman
Very much like The Secret Life of Bees and Charms of the Easy Life. CeeCee has seen a lot of hardship in her 14 short years and it will take a whole cast of delightful southern women to help her heal. A sweet coming of age story with a good dose of Southern charm. Cute.

American Heiress by Daisy Goodwin
A wealthy American heiress (surprise!!) marries a poor British earl. Navigating the British aristocracy is much more difficult than the young bride anticipates and accepting his wife's financial support strains the marriage almost immediately. This is really a great book and it's pretty clean, too. Great for anyone who loves historical novels with a little helping of romance.

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I loved the American Heiress too..Just read it this past summer.