Monday, November 17, 2008

Book Review: The Whiskey Rebels

Ethan Saunders was a spy for General Washington’s army until incriminating documents framed him as a traitor. In the ten years that followed he sunk into drunkenness and self-loathing, losing the love of his fiancé and the respect of almost everyone he knows. Joan Maycott and her husband have lost everything several times because of the greed and manipulation of speculators and government representatives. She blames Hamilton and his unfair whiskey task for the financial ruin she faces. These two characters find themselves embroiled in schemes and deceptions centered around the newly founded Bank of the United States and the countries emerging financial market.

There are two things I love about David Liss’s novels. I always fall a little in love with his heroes and their shady backgrounds, cavalier attitudes, and their snarky comments. I also find it fascinating how he can take current financial concerns and show them in the context of earlier times…demonstrating that history does, in fact, repeat itself.


Michaelynn said...

I've heard good things about David Liss, but I still haven't read anything of his yet. I have had Conspiracy of Paper on my list forever, but I need to find more time to read.

David and Shayla said...

So you think I should read this book? I'm almost ready for another load of books from you! How do you read everything?