Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hip Hop Update

Just because I thought I should update the world….I have no coordination or rhythm and I sincerely doubt 8 lessons will change that.  Here are the highlights from last night’s first class….

1.    I didn’t hit anyone or fall down…super big achievement!

2.    I could do the head turning…though when she wanted me to do some of the head scoopy things…..they proved more challenging and don’t even get me started on the body roll….how the heck do you do that?

There weren’t too many highlights….mostly I just tried to keep a straight face and not trip over my own feet….it was harder than it sounds.  I didn’t think anything would be harder than not giggling through a yoga class while someone says “center your energy on  a point behind your left incisor” while balancing on your right big toe and reaching toward the ceiling….but hip hop class seriously was!


Joe says I’ll be better next week and that he will help me “uncover my inner black person”…but we’ll see J


Emily said...

I can't wait to see your new moves. Now, you'll have to come up with a "street name" to go with it. Something like Carlista or Carlonda.

Cynthia said...

I see a new talent for the family talent show coming on.....I can't wait!

Robyn said...

I am so proud of you! I love to hear that you are trying new things and atempting not to giggle. I think Jeff and I will have to throw a dance party just for you!

Michaelynn said...

Don't think I haven't figured out what your real motivations are here. I know you are just doing this class so that you can smoke me on the dance floor. It hurts, Carla. I have this sneaky feeling that Tamra is secretly taking Hip Hop classes too and that you guys will just *spontaneously* decide to go to a club and I'll be the only one looking like a white Mormon girl.

Btw, I agree with Emily. You need a gangster name. Like Lil' C or Big Z or La Carladah or Juicy or something like that. (Juicy is definitely my favorite).

I also think you should check out Its a gangsta-type online dictionary of sorts. My favorite word that I came across was "Racoculous."

racoculous: (adj) Extremely ridiculous.
Example: The fact that this word isn't being used worldwide yet is racoculous.

Yes, I'm starting another paragraph. I'm avoiding posting to my blog and just going to leave lots of comments on other people's blogs from now on. I have serious blog block right now.