Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Seattle Trip aka The Parade of Butter and Sugar

A few weeks ago I went to Seattle for a little trip to visit my amazing friends up there. As always, I had a fabulous time that could only have been improved if Seattle were in a tropical climate. But Seattle makes up for the rain with good I took a picture of a lot of what I ate...and it was all good!

Upon arrival we had guac and chips
with a lovely chicken salad ....I figured I wasn't off to too bad of a start....there are a lot of vegetables there under all that dressing.... and avocados have the good kind of fat.... However, I'm pretty sure this cinnamon pastry we had for dessert has the bad kind of fat.

Breakfast/lunch was this apple pull apart muffin brilliance. It was so good and so fattening, it had to be two meals at once....which was okay because I spent the morning/afternoon lying in bed reading a really stupid vampire I wasn't even burning calories with my brain.

Dinner with Courtney, Tamra, and Michaelynn was fantastic at
P.F. Cheng's. We, of course, started out with lettuce wraps and then shared some black bean chicken, mongolian beef and some shrimp dish. I tried the shrimp....because I really do want to like seafood. The orange fried coating was good but the shrimp in the middle still made me want to gag. I can now ignore all fish for another year or two until I'll try to like it again.

At the movie after dinner ("When In Rome"....ah, how I miss my Veronica), I had some popcorn and raisonettes. I'd like to say I shared most of it, but that would be lying. I shared some of it...that's honest.

This picture can also act as a "before" picture of my thighs....I'm pretty sure I won't post an "after" picture.

Well, by this time in my trip....I kept either forgetting my camera at meals, or forgetting to take pictures of my meals. I do wish I had had a shot of the exploding Root Beer incident outside the grocery store....good times and one I will enjoy in my post-life review.

But a record of the food from my Seattle trip would not be complete without it's crowning course.....cupcakes.....cupcakes....and more cupcakes!!

Well, there you have it. A record of the "Carla Vacation" experience. Anyone interested in traveling with me in the future....this is what it is all about!


Jeff said...

If this is what traveling with you is like, I'm in. Robyn and I totally need to accompany you on an eating extravaganza.

Mary Ann said...

This is exactly why we are friends! You're the breast!!

Marla said...

boy do you know how to travel. i'm so coming with you next time. xooox

glarcy said...

I want to travel with you! :D

~ thanks for agreeing with me about shrimp

Robyn said...

Food is what it is all about on vacation. As long as I have a book and some great food I consider it a successful trip!

Jessie said...

You are the best tour guide! I cry myself to sleep every night that Veronica has left me. . . Okay maybe not every night.

Stacey said...

I finally got caught up on my blog reading. I'm excited about your favorite book, new TV and trip full of food.