Monday, October 20, 2008

6 Quirky Things Tagged Me

Emily tagged me…this is a first for me…so, I guess I am supposed to share 6 quirky things about myself. The real challenge here will be narrowing it down, because…um…I have a lot of quirky stuff to pick from.

1.  Volume levels must be on even numbers or multiples of 5. 

There is really no way to make this one seem not weird….I’ve been told to never tell a guy about it until after more than 5 dates.  I don’t know what it is, but I just really hate those odd numbers…next time I buy a car stereo, I’m getting one that doesn’t use numbers to show volume levels…or someday I may crash because I was distracted by a 17 in the display….

2.  I hate sharing the hymn book and if I must share…just let me hold the thing.

So…if there are enough books around I don’t know why people think it’s rude if I don’t share…’cause I really don’t like to.  And then there is the whole thing where you are expected to hold half the book…it’s a lot easier to just have one person hold the book up…don’t ya think?

3.  I always have to be reading a book.

The minute I finish a book…I have to pick up another and slip my bookmark inside.  I just feel a little weird not reading something…so I go from one book to the next….immediately!!

4.  I hate people to help me clean up my kitchen.

I know it’s crazy and people never believe me…but if I invite you to dinner…and I say don’t worry about the dishes…I really mean…don’t worry about the dishes!  I am not sure, but I think that if I had a bigger kitchen I’d feel better about sharing my space and therefore my chores J.

5.  I hate crowds (especially the concert/sporting event kinds).

It’s like I can’t breath sometimes…all those people…pushing and shoving and you can’t get out!!!  You are trapped!!!  There is no escape!!!  This is when I do my deep breathing exercises and smile and pretend like I am in my happy place …  (Oh and I don’t let this one keep me from doing things I really want to do…I just thought I’d add that…I still go…I just have to prepare for it.)

6.  All the numbers on my treadmill make me workout longer.

This one is kind of like the first one…So, I’m on the treadmill running along and I don’t like to stop until I hit even numbers….but if I hit a good stopping point calories wise…I may not quite make it to a good stopping point distance wise….so I have to keep going…but by the time I hit a good distance…the calories are just a few shy of a nice even number….so I keep going and the cycle continues.  You’d think I’d be super skinny or something…and maybe I would be if I didn’t have to get to work…eventually, I just force myself to look away from the numbers in the display…stop the machine and turn it off before I can do anything about changing them. 

So please don’t judge me and stop being my friend because I am a little more weird than you thought I was…I tag….Shayla, Melanie, Jenn, Joseph, Cynthia, and Michaelynn.


Michaelynn said...

Quirky? What am I supposed to say here? Sigh. I know Chance could probably think of lots of quirky things about me, but mostly I think all those things are normal.

Emily said...

I agree with you on the hymn book thing. Amen and hallelujah! My wrist really starts to hurt by the 4th verse of The Spirit of God if I've got to only hold half the book!

David and Shayla said...

You are quirky, but I love ya! I agree on the hymn book...your arm would die otherwise. The treadmill thing made me tired just reading it...I hit 30 minutes and think that the calories could take a leap.

Cynthia said...

Carla - I'm so glad you're blogging. It makes me feel like you're more a part of my life - and your humor - I just laughed so hard. I agree with the hymn book thing and I've done the treadmill thing the few times I've been on a treadmill. And I think the book thing is cool - they say the common factor in individuals who make lots of money in their own lifetime share that factor in common - they read a lot.

mclayson said...

I love your quirkiness! You help me feel more normal--or at least not as cuckoo. :)

The Donigans said...