Thursday, October 30, 2008

Funny Old Joseph

My little brother just turned 30...lucky boy!  He's pretty great....just never trust him anywhere near your nose.  Anyway, he recently posted something on his blog he wrote while in High School and it just reminded me how funny he is.  The link is:

Read his Mr. Smarty Pants can read the 6 quirky things post...but to be honest...the showering on one foot thing freaked me out a little...

Happy Birthday, Joseph!!  Love ya tons!


Joe said...

You are too kind. Both you and Cynthia are freaked out by the one foot in the shower thing... I don't think that you've tried it.

Michaelynn said...

I'm sure that Chance will laugh quite a bit at Mr. Smarty Pants when I get a moment to show it to him. I am not sure about taking a one-footed shower. I'm willing to try it though. Of course, I usually have a little girl climbing in there with me and that makes for dangerous footing. I may have to wait to try this until the kids are all grown.