Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fancy Tea Party 2009

So, I decided to throw a little tea party for my 12 nephews and nieces.  My mother and sisters all helped a lot.  We decided to have it during the Priesthood Session of conference this weekend.

We played games, had a craft, and then a little picnic with fancy food (I made flower shaped jam sandwiches....so cute!)  Anyway, it was a lot of fun and here are some pictures to prove it.  The little matching dresses for the girls were made by Mother with some leftover material she had from my cousin's wedding. 

Rachel, Brooke & Katie enjoying their goldfish snacks.
We attempted to take a picture of everyone...I don't know why we are always trying, it never works and we didn't ever manage to get the youngest in the picture at all.

This was Mathew acting completely too cool for whole experience.  He's such a guy!!

Katie looked adorable in her little crown...she really is a perfect little princess!

After snapping multiple shots I finally captured this perfect Emmy moment....she is such a little doll.  It's no wonder she has her daddy's heart wrapped around her little finger.  You should see her run...melts your heart.

At Halloween I posted a picture of Sarah scowling at me...over the past four months she has decided she loves me and this picture just begins to capture her adorable little personality.  It's always worth the 2 hour drive to Tremonton just to hear her yell "Carla!!" and then skip across the room.  It KILLS me every time!!

And here are all the girls in their adorable matching dresses.  They really loved being able to dress up and play.

Well there you have it, Fancy Tea Party 2009.  Thanks to everyone that helped out!! (And Garrett that includes you!!  Those wands and swords were super cute!!  (and by cute I mean awesome...because swords are NEVER cute!!))


Michaelynn said...

What a wonderful Aunt you are! My kids need an aunt like you!

Jessie said...

What a fun Aunt you are! The tea party at the library has nothing on you. We need to chat soon, its been a long time!

Emily said...

So fun! The group picture of all of them is adorable! :)

Jeff said...

It looks like tons of fun. We were having tons of fun at the priesthood session.

Mary Ann said...

You're the breast aunt ever!!! :)

marlamuppets said...

mary ann thinks you are a BREAST aunt.

i think you are a boobie aunt.

TOTALLY kidding.

i LOVE that you threw a tea party for your peeps. i'm going to do the same. however i need about 15 more nieces and nephews first. i'll tell my sisters to get on it!

Cynthia said...

You are the bEst aunt ever - but I'm curious why you never take solo shots of MY children....

TrinEthan said...

your such a good auntie!