Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 6 – Ketchikan

We docked in Ketchikan early Wednesday morning. Since we couldn’t go on a hike we just walked around town. We almost went on a tour of a Salmon farm and Eagle refuge….but there weren’t any Salmon running yet, so we decided it wasn’t really worth it. 
Instead we went to a little museum that was connected to the local public library. It was interesting to learn a little more of the Salmon industry. We also saw a few totem poles, check out this one…I’m sure it’s really serious, but it just really cracked me up. 

The other thing that cracked me up was that we sat for a while outside the library while they were opening and I swear this is what they said “We need more signs. No cell phones. No sleeping. No eating. Why is it so hard? I feel like I run around all day saying ‘Wake up and read the sign!’” It’s just really nice to know that my library frustrations are universal!

Ketchikan was really pretty though.  Here are a couple of pictures.  The greens were so vibrant and we did see a few salmon in river.

Then we did the only shopping we did the whole trip and headed back to the boat. At lunch we met two great couples. The older couple were serious travelers and said the most amazing place to visit was India. The other couple were so fun to talk to. The guy, during college, had decided to travel Europe despite his entire fortune amassing to about $50. So he sold subscriptions to his travel memoirs. He would send articles home every month. Because of that, he felt a need to do crazy things...he made me feel like a real coward.

But better than all those stories was the one about how he and his wife had met. She was from Spain and they wrote letters for 3 years…she wrote them in Spanish and he replied in English…each one needing them interpreted by a third party. He went to visit her once and they couldn’t even talk because of the language barrier. Then she came to the US and stayed with his family and finally learned English…she pointed out that she learned English but he never did learn Spanish. Anyway, they were a riot.

Dinner on Wednesday was a “Dinner Show” where the wait staff had to do little musical numbers between courses. Stacey and I just kept feeling so bad for them because they looked so ridiculous and adorable at the same time. That night they also had a Dessert Extravaganza and surprisingly…it was a disappointment…which was probably a blessing because I didn’t eat much that night.

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