Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ladies of Missalonghi

The Ladies of Missalonghi
By Colleen McCullough
Harper & Row, 1987. 189 pgs. Fiction.

Missy is a thirty-two year old spinster living a sheltered, drab life of genteel poverty with her mother and aunt. They reside in a small town filled with their relations in Australia’s beautiful Blue Mountains. Along with breathtaking scenery, the town enjoys the small minded nosiness that accompanies such communities. A recent acquaintance, along with some troubling pains in her heart, begin to bring Missy out of her shell, much to the amazement of her relations. Her adventures bring her independence, confidence, and, of course, romance.

If you have ever read “The Blue Castle”, this plot may sound extremely familiar. It does seem to be a bit of a repeat though I found it much less enjoyable than L.M. Montgomery’s version, which stands out as one of my all time favorite books. “Missalonghi”’s characters are a little less endearing, the story a little more awkward, and the romance a little more explicit. A light, enjoyable read (but, read “The Blue Castle” instead if given the choice).


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Mary Ann said...

A 32-year-old spinster? Ouch!