Sunday, June 14, 2009

Those Little Things I Never Buy

Ever notice that there are a bunch of things you always mean to buy, but never quite get around to it? I have a bunch of things like that….I don’t know why I don’t buy them…I just don’t…things like:

A paper shredder
A pizza stone
A cutting board for sewing (you know…like the big green ones)
A hand mixer
A George Foreman Grill (or anything similar)
And a bunch of sewing tools I don't have but will need to get eventually because I plan to do more sewing in the next few years.

Well….that’s all I can think of just now. 

(This might sound like a shopping list....but it isn't.  I promise not to buy any of these things until at least July 15th.) 


Cynthia said...

Cute - I have a list like that too. Keep it up and maybe you'll get something on there for your birthday - which is coming up in a week!!!!! I'm afraid I got you something not on the list - something you have never thought of buying, but I thought of you when I saw it....

Jeff said...

I don't own any of those things except a pizza stone which I inherited by marrying Robyn.

glarcy said...

crap. I already bought your b-day present.

Robyn said...

Actually Jeff owns more of those things then he realizes, but that is because he doesn't use any of them. I must recommend the baking stone (I love mine) and the fabric cutting board (it makes my life so much easier in the world of sewing). Just make sure you have room to store it all, because clutter in never fun.