Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 8 – Trip Home

We had our final meal and headed off the boat. It was so strange to be in Seattle and not see any of my friends or stay for even a couple of days. We took a bus to the airport and luckily the scale at the check-in counter was broken…so my luggage wasn’t overweight!

The flight home was pretty uneventful and I was super happy to see cute Jenni come to pick us up. I had a really hard time snapping out of vacation mode. I may have taken a nap for most of the afternoon/evening. Then I got hungry and didn’t know quite what to do since no one showed up with a menu….I had to settle for granola and yogurt. That is when I realized I was home and forced myself to unpack and put things away.

Thus ends my vacation. This turned into a serious narrative! Congrats to those who persevered through it!


Emily said...

Sounds like you had a great time! What a fun way to spend your birthday. And I'm impressed that you took a camera...and used it! Yeah! :)

Linda said...

I think it was a great narrative and I joyfully made it through the whole thing. You are very cute and talented. And like I always remind you, "Everyone should have a mother."

TrinEthan said...

i am glad you had fun! now eth and I want to go on a cruise to alaska!