Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Proof I Was Actually There!

The promised pictures are finally here!! The pictures, of course, do not do justice to how beautiful Kauai was...but here is my lame attempt. Check out Stacey's blog for prettier pictures...though she may have photo-shopped some of hers...just saying...

This was just down the road from our condo. We drove past it every day we were there and never looked until the our last afternoon.

This is one of the many one-way bridges. I was an expert at crossing them correctly by the end. Partially because a native scared me to death when he got out of his car and started yelling at this lady who had done it wrong...I was VERY vigilant about appropriate bridge etiquette after that!

Stacey in our fun convertible...and some pretty mountains.....

On our hike through the mud, the path was strewn with pretty flowers....I thought it was cool and I was sure there was some great lesson illustrated there...something about finding the 'flowers' in the mud trail we call 'life'?? Maybe??

This is the waterfall we hiked to. It's pretty.

This is me at the base of the waterfall...if you look close you can see all the mud sprayed on my legs...I was good and dirty by this point.

Stacey is up on the edge of the trail avoiding the mud down can kind of see the puddles and the boards they put down to help people avoid the worst of it...we just walked up along the tree line...we still got pretty dirty and stepped in some truly brilliant mud pies.

Stacey on the trail with her arms out trying to keep her balance while avoiding the muck. It was beautiful morning though...look at the sun and all the green!

I liked this rooty tree. If I was a hobbit I would live under a rooty tree like this.

Ke'e Beach. You can see the Napali Coast out beyond the cliffs.

This is the view from our condo...other than the main road that was just past that hedge, it was pretty perfect.

Hanalei Beach was where we found the best boogie boarding...this was before we got wet...and the ocean was pretty....but mountains will always be my true love.

And, finally, this is Pepe the little gecko we found in our living room. He disappeared on the third day and I choose to believe we left the doors open long enough for him to get out into the wild where he belongs....and not that he climbed into Stacey's bed....there's no way he would have dared climb into mine!


Tracy Blackburn said...

I can't wait to go next month!!! What hike did you guys do?

Mary Ann said...

Gorgeous photos and gorgeous muddy legs! Are you sure you didn't photo shop them? The scenery photos, that is. :)

scott said...

There were always green lizards inside houses in Brazil. I had a companion that would spray the with bug spray. I would always try to get them our before he sprayed them, it was truely a horrible way to die!

Emily said...

It's so pretty! I could really use some sun and sand about now.

Michaelynn said...

I love it that you found your imaginary hobbit home. How awesome is that? I haven't found one yet and I've traveled way more than you have. What a charmed life you lead!

Stacey said...

Okay, seeing evidence of our trip made me a bit nostalgic. Leave cold weather, leave.