Monday, January 17, 2011

Vacation - Day 6

This morning we had a Hawaii first...we saw the sunrise! Yep, we got up early and headed out to go kayaking up the river.

It was a little cold. But we warmed ourselves by rowing. We didn't realize we didn't have to start out so early, but it was kinda fun to be the first kayak in the water and the first to reach the waterfall. The trail was a bit muddy from all the rain last night and as we started the trek we were carefully avoiding the end we stopped caring so much and embraced the mud splashing up around our knees. It really wasn't so bad...if it hadn't been for my uncontrollable need to scream like a little girl evey time my foot slipped at all. Just embarrassing!

The waterfall was very pretty and impressive...i think Stacey took more pictures of some dewey spiderwebs than of the falls...they were pretty awesome.

We were off the river by eleven and tried to go snorkeling at a beach we had liked last week. We saw three fish and decided it was too cold. It's funny because today was supposed to be the best weather we've had so far, but it was cold and windy and I was glad to go back to the condo and take a shower and finish my book.

We did venture out again to take some pretty pictures, check out Stacey's blog for some good ones. I'll post mine when we get back this week. They will be nowhere near as pretty.


Emily said...

I'm glad you've been able to do so many fun things on your trip. Now, when are you coming home?!

Mary Ann said...

I love the image of you screaming like a little girl. :)