Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Vacation - Day 7

So sad...my vacation is over. Today we said goodbye to the ocean...to the valley of the trees...to our cute little condo...to our lovely blue mustang convertible ...Stacey almost said goodbye to her favorite hat when she tried to take a picture from over the convertible windshield ( we were able to go back and get it) ...but by far, the hardest thing to say goodbye to is the warm weather.

I am sitting in the airport and just took off my flip flops and replaced them with shoes and socks....I almost cried...goodbye pretty pedicure. I think the one thing that is making returning to the frozen wasteland I call home not unthinkable is that in just a couple weeks I will have a two car garage of my very own to shield me from the biting cold of the early morning.

It's really been a wonderful trip and I am now a big fan of Kauai. I highly recommend! Let me know if you want to go....I could definitely be convinced to come back!!


Emily said...

I wanna go! Any yay for new house! I can't wait to see it. :)

Mary Ann said...

I'm sad for you that your vacation is over, but I'm glad you're coming home. I'm super excited for you to get into your new house!

Jeff said...

I definitely want to go. Robyn and I have been discussing when our next Hawaii trip will be. We did Oahu last time and next time will probably be Kauai.