Saturday, January 15, 2011

Vacation - Day 4

I may have slept for ten hours last night and still had a a nap that was at least an hour long...I feel rested.

But, I did eventually wake up and get out the door. It was a beautiful sunny day and we drove to the southern end of the island to a snorkeling beach. (just as a side note, I don't include the names of any places because if you thought I was bad at spelling English words, I'm even worse with Hawaii words. Seriously, I don't even attempt to say them...I call it the a- beach, or that store after the valley with all the trees. It's like when I go to ethnic restraunts and just point to the menu item instead of trying to pronounce something hard like chipotle.)

Anyway, the snorkeling was good, pretty a little sun. Then we ate lunch at this sketchy little hole in the wall place that had good pork and cabbage. It started to get a little overcast so we headed to our sunny northern end of the island. Stacey still wanted to boogie board, but I had had my fill od beaches. ( I can only convince myself for so long that sand is not dirt and that I am not totally bugged by being covered in's just icky.)

So, a had my little nap and read some more of Wuthering Bites. ( which is pretty good...the plot and characters of withering heights make so much more sense with vampires mixed in.)

The. Dinner....catch up on a little castle and I just received an invite to church tomorrow from Stacey who is learning to set up an event invitation :)

Well, that's about it. We have also been thinking and praying for little Hannah and are so glad to hear she is doing well and will get to home soon!


Emily said...

This sounds so much better than my day. Will you go back to Hawaii with me? Maybe we can make it an annual thing.

Mary Ann said...

Thanks for the update! And thanks for the prayers! Love you guys!!!

Jeff said...

Sounds like it's been awesome. Sleep is one of the best parts of a good vacation.

Stacey said...

I concur with all that has been written thus far! Except the event "infarction" part. Is that one of those ipad words?